Gloveless Anaerobic Chamber

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Basic Glove Boxes

Basic glove boxes are an economical way to perform and maintain a wide range of atmospheres and functions, including use as a dry glove box, inert gas or nitrogen glove box. As configure the base unit is a manual system however over 20 different options are available to configure the unit into your specific glove box need.

Equipped with a purge valve, automatic pressure relief valves, large side door, interior power supply and hermetically sealed glove ports these glove boxes can provide your desired environment for critical operations in such industries as semiconductor, pharmaceutical testing and manufacturing. Select from materials to suit your requirements:

All glove boxes are fabricated to meet rigorous standards for cleanliness and durability. Solvent welding ensures a strong, airtight structure that won’t leak. The gaskets on the side doors provide a safe, positive seal without interfering with full access to the internal chamber.

Options and accessories include ports for tubing cords, microscope view ports, heaters, chiller, and more.


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