Hypoxic Chambers

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When your research requires consistent atmospheric control to maintain hypoxia, normoxia, or hyperoxia, you can count on Coy’s Hypoxic Chambers. Easy to use and easy to customize, Coy’s complete line of glove boxes and cabinets allows you to maintain desired levels of O2, CO2, temperature, and humidity in either cell and tissue culture or animal applications.

How the system operates:
The feedback loop system uses an O2 sensor mounted inside the glove box/cabinet to monitor oxygen levels. Based on these sensor readings and the user-adjustable set points you establish, the system flushes the chamber with N2, displacing O2 and returning the chamber to ideal experimental conditions. For hyperoxic conditions an O2 source is added. It’s just that simple!

Not sure which Coy Hypoxic Chamber is right for you? In general, the best choice will depend on your answers to the following questions:

  •    How long will you need to incubate under your desired O2 level?
  •    Will you need to manipulate samples as part of your research
  •    Do you need to maintain constant O2 levels or to cycle automatically between multiple levels?
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