Humidity Control Glove Box

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Ürün Kodu: Humidity Control Glove Box

These units allow the user to control humidity levels above and below ambient conditions. All units are equipped with the latest in Humidity Sensor technology with PID control and your choice of a Desiccant Drying System or a Dry Gas Purge System and ultra sonic humidification System.

STYLES Two standard styles available, a clear polycarbonate unit that features a lower cost to purchase, and relatively lower cost to customize. The aluminum units while more expensive on initial purchase are a longer lasting, sturdy build that with the addition of tempered glass can be used in highly corrosive chemical use. Polycarbonate units have four standard sizes and aluminum units have two to choose from.

AUTOMATIC CONTROL The automatic controller provides monitoring and control of the relative humidity. It activates the necessary system (dehumidification for humidification) when the moisture level deviates from the adjustable set point. Flow rates, sensor position, and air circulation,  were all considered in the design to maximize control capabilities and humidity uniformity across the glove box. NOTE:  System is a complete closed loop, dry gas is vented to room air or upgrade to a seal pressure relief system and route any excess gas to a filter or designated location in the lab.

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